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How the Associate (Associate) Program Works

  • The Associate purchases assessments at a volume discount.
  • The Associate sends email invitations to those participating in the program (members).  When the member receives the email invitation, they simply click on the link that takes them to your Associate Assessment page where they fill in a registration form and then take the HRD Learning Styles Profile Assessment.
  • Once the member completes the assessment, they automatically get a custom Home Page.  This allows them to invites raters (peers, subordinates and bosses) to complete a confidential assessment as to how they see the member as a leader.
  • The Associate monitors the activity of the members and sends reminders to those not yet completed the assessment.
  • The Associate may edit any inappropriate comments from raters.
  • Once all the rater results are completed, the member generates their report.
  • The Associate may block the viewing of the results until a specific time for use in a consultation or seminar.
  • The Associate may also invite other Associates to participate in the Affiliate program from which they receive commissions.

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